Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Bonzanza!

I absolutely love my birthday. Whenever I tell people that they just assume it's because I like to receive presents. While presents are pretty stellar, this is not the reason. I just love having one day all to myself to be a princess. Conceited? Perhaps.

Coming from a big family birthdays were the only thing that was really all yours. Well, except for the triplets; they definitely had to share a birthday. Momma always made a point to make our birthdays special (even for the triplets-they each got their own cakes and parties each year!) despite whatever else was going on. She even continued that tradition today by taking me out to Cracker Barrel this morning before school started. The 4am wake up it required was rough, but well worth the bacon and eggs!

David and I never do anything too crazy for birthdays, and that is just fine by me. My favorite part is just remembering in my head that I'm the princess for a day and can pull that card at any point if I want to. Trust me, I really take this stuff to the next level.

What really made today wonderful was celebrating it with my students. They told me "happy birthday" over and over again, and one class even sang to me. It was so neat how they all said it on their way in the door, and as they left. Hundreds of people wishing me a happy birthday? Talk about a birthday princess's dream! My teammates were even wonderful enough to get me cupcakes to celebrate with at lunch. How stellar is that?!

Even though the day is only part of the way over, I can guarantee this has been one for the record books!

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