Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our House. . .

I figured with all the details in the last post, y'all were a bit overwhelmed by our housing adventure. Imagine how we felt! I pick up where I left off below:

Chapter Seven-Let's Talk
The next step was to put in an offer, so on our one year anniversary we did just that. Happy one year babe, let's fork over all our savings! We met with Lisa and talked terms before heading back over to the community to put in a bid. The next week was one of the most excruciating of my life. I'm not known for my super patient nature, and waiting for word from the division head was killing me! After much back and forth we finally came to terms we could all agree on. Let the fun begin!

Chapter Eight-What Did We Just Do?
As soon as we signed the papers we went out for supper to wrap our brains around it. Holy canoli, we had just made the first steps toward home ownership. Yes, we were about six weeks away from the house even being complete, but this was still huge to us.

Chapter Nine-Wait and See
It was extremely difficult not to drive over to the house every single day to see the progress. In fact, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't go more than two times a week, and I am happy to report I stuck with that. The next six weeks found us visiting the house and monitoring the growth while we tied us loose ends with the mortgage peeps and our apartment complex. We also began to realize how much a new house required. Did you know new houses don't come with blinds? Because I didn't know that until about halfway through the process!

Chapter Ten-It's Ours!
Here we are now. We signed the papers yesterday and just about everything was moved in while I was at work. We certainly have a long way to go, but Rome wasn't built in a day. My emotional brain is learning to be more logical as we make big decisions and make big purchases (hello, furniture) and we are constantly acclimating to new things. Feel free to offer advice, but I can't promise we'll take it!

Here are some pictures of the process:

 It's all ours! Well it will be in 30 years when we pay it off. . .

 What will eventually be the kitchen

 The den which looks out into the backyard and our gas fireplace! 

 The downstairs bedroom/office

 The den with drywall

 Dining room crown molding and tray ceiling

 Kitchen cabinets

 More cabinets

 Pretty door

 Foyer heading upstairs

 David checking out the light fixtures in the bonus room

Master bathroom

More pictures to come!


  1. The sign in your window says it's "Property of Barefoot" Is that the name of your bank? ;) Will they let you keep the portapotty? That would be AWESOME!

  2. ahhh i love looking at home pictures!! I'm a huge HGTV nut, so posts like this are a dream come true : )