Sunday, September 11, 2011

A God of Hope

Have you ever felt that you were without hope? I think many of us can agree that we have. At some time or another we have felt beaten down to the point to no return. For some of us it has been a wayward relationship, while for others it has been a dead-end job. It could be a lost family member or it could be a dire financial situation. It varies for each and every person. Despite what the cause is, it is always a worldly connection.

Today's message at Hope Church Charlotte was all about hope and why it is so essential to our lives. The sermon began with a very moving prayer as a tribute to those lost ten years ago. The powerful words pulled at my heart as I recalled seeing the bodies falling from the buildings and the caskets draped with American flags. I'm sure the victims' families felt hopeless. Many may still feel hopeless. After the tribute Pastor Mike preached on the power of hope and why it is so essential to our lives as Christians.

Without hope we would have nothing. Hope is the reason we can so faithfully believe He will rescue us. Hope is the reason we can love and encourage our neighbors. Hope is the reason we love one another with good deeds. Without hope we would be lost. Yet in this world it seems people are more depressed and feel more hopeless than we ever have. It is pretty ridiculous for us to feel hopeless because regardless of how beaten and trudged upon you feel, God is there. He is always there.

Ten years ago today people felt hopeless, yet they found hope. They found it through their families, friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers. If they found hope despite the terror around them, why can we not find it in our safe situations now? What is stopping us from leaning on God and gaining our strength in faith from Him?

It is my hope and prayer that the reminder of day does more than sadden us. I hope that it is a reminder that gives us the strength to hope again.

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