Monday, September 19, 2011

Lazy Days

This has been a lazy weekend for the Mobleys. Well at least a lazy weekend for this part of the Mob Squad. David, on the other hand, has been working his booty off for the past three days beautifying our garage. I know some of you may be wondering what exactly the point of beautifying a garage is (yes, this is the same garage we park our cars in), but I was corrected pretty quickly by both my beloved and my father that this was an important project. Have at it fellas, I'll just enjoy my few hours of solitude.

And did I ever enjoy it. Friday evening we had some friends of ours over to touch up the paint in the garage (again, don't ask me) before we had an awesome evening of games, drinks, and laughter. For those of you that are not aware, we're big board gamers. If you ever need another couple for a game, we're your peeps. Anywho, a few hours of painting combined with all the fun of having them over knocked us out and we slept til 9am the next morning. Bliss.

Saturday morning kicked off with a run and an almost two hour trip to the Teeter. It was well worth it though! I spent $67, but saved $73! Nothing like the couponers on TV, but still pretty impressive. I owe it all to the Teeter and their triple coups. The rest of the day was spent tidying up the house and puttering around. After a quick trip to AC Moore to stock up on supplies (see previous post) I decided to take a bubble bath in our giantic garden tub. Best decision ever. Two hours, and 124 pages of my book, later and I am VERY relaxed. The evening was spent relaxing with my love and watching college football. Wonderful.

Sunday kicked off with a great morning at Hope Church with all of our amazing volunteers giving it their all. Then, we were fortunate enough to join another couple (and their sweet baby boy!) for lunch. Gotta love spending time with your community. After lunch we were too full to do much more than loll about on the couch and watch more football. Oh, and take a nap. A very glorious nap I might add.

I'm pretty sure no other weekend is ever going to equal this one in awesomeness.

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