Sunday, September 18, 2011

Semi-Domestic Diva

Having a house has prompted me to want projects. House projects to be specific. I have enough school and church projects to keep me busy for months, but this house is like a blank canvas in need of some love. Enter Pinterest and Etsy. Both of these sites have become like crack to me. Add in the empty house, and I am constantly trying to penny pinch the grocery budget to save money for house stuff!

Here are a few projects I'm loving right now:

Cute, easy, and inexpensive way to dress up a wall!

Precious way to celebrate the season

Stellar way to organize keys, or necklaces!

I have a wall up the staircase I need to fill, and I love this idea!

Different way of doing a wreath

LOVE this idea! Now if only I knew where to get an old window. . . 

Great way to keep me in check, and to keep me from stressing each evening at suppertime! 

How adorable is this?? And we have TWO thermostats. Double the fun!

As you can probably see, I'm kind of obsessed with decorating. A post about my wishes for Fall is coming soon!

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  1. Hi Lauren! Was snooping around online and came across your blog! I am also obsessed with pinterest and etsy at the moment.. Love the projects you've chosen! Just thought I would share- you can often find old windows on craigslist, I've looked a couple times for some "projects" I just never got around to.

    Good luck filling your beautiful new home!