Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Regular Routines

I am a routine kind of gal. I like when everything goes according to plan. I like when my calendar makes perfect, color-coordinated sense. I do not like when things are out of whack. I do not like when my to-do list is overflowing. I do not like when I don't know the plan. My name is Lauren and I am totally Type-A.

Honestly, neither of my parents are overly organized so who knows where this crazy came from. Maybe it's the eldest child in me who likes to be bossy and organized. Why I became a teacher is quite the question, because anyone who knows the profession knows that teaching is anything but routine! Plans change from day to day. Heck, plans change from minute to minute! I'm learning to adjust, but as a co-worker of mine kindly pointed out, "your to-do lists stress me out". Hmm maybe he's right. The odd thing is I love to organize and I love when things are in order. Part of the fun is finding the chaos and making it make sense!

In an already crazy profession, the first few weeks are even more so. From learning names and faces to figuring out academic abilities, you stay pretty busy. David and I thought we'd throw another kink in everything with that whole buying a house thing. Oof.

While it's been absolutely cuckoo for me for the past month I really have enjoyed it. I've loved the crazy and the opportunity to make it somewhat stable. But now it's time for some routine again. I am so ready for a lazy weekend of house chores and football with my sweet hubby. Who knows when that'll happen, but it better happen soon or this lady is heading straight to the loony bin, or the local spa. Whichever has a better masseuse.

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