Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Message To 13-Year-Old Me

I have the true pleasure of teaching everyone's least favorite age each and every day. When I tell people I teach middle school I usually get a response of, "why?"". Gee talk about an uplifting motivator. The truth is I love it. It can be a challenge, but what rewarding task isn't? Working with these kiddos often has me reflecting back to my own teen years and the angst I felt the need to put my parents through. A few things I wish I could tell myself then. . .

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Who cares if it's not the "cool" thing to do? You enjoy it and are really good at it. Don't let other people stop you from doing what you like!

*it's okay if your butt doesn't fall out of your shorts*
Unfortunately, I think this is a trend that just won't die. I wish I could tell my former self (and all the young girls I teach!) that the booty hanging out of the shorts is not attractive, so please don't do it!

*high school isn't as scary as everyone makes it seem*
With all the big talk from your 8th grade teachers, heading to high school about gave you an anxiety attack. Just breathe. They'll give you a map and after a day or two it won't even matter anymore. Now, college on the other hand is definitely going to throw you for a loop or two. . . 

*the drama isn't worth it
I know it seems exciting now, but stay away from the drama. It will only cause pain and issues later.

*nothing can shock you*
After some of the people you meet and things you encounter you begin to think that nothing can shock you, think again! Life will continue to throw your curve balls and you will continue to learn from them and grow.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself??


  1. lol love the booty hanging out of your shorts one.. that's funny!

  2. I get that same response too! Or "Lord, bless you." It's really not that bad people! I think they are funny :)

  3. This is all so true!! I often think to myself "what was I thinking when I was that age?" You live and learn!(:

  4. There are SO many things I would tell myself as a 13 year old. Our lists are similar...I would sit myself down and have a SERIOUS discussion on wardrobe. I would witness to that 13 year old girl, because she needed it. Perhaps the thing I really just MISSED when I was 13 was the fact that my peers opinions don't really matter. I spent so much time and effort trying to impress a temporary audience, and it was worthless in the long run.

    BUT...would I trade those years? Who knows. They got me to where I am today, right? And the same for you! If NOT wearing hoochie-shorts had somehow changed your course of life and compromised you meeting David, would you do it? Of course not! But do you regret the booty shorts? For sure. It's complicated! Haha!

    LOVE this post! :)