Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aiding an Obsession

I know I’ve mentioned it a time or two before, but I am a proud member of the four-eyes club. I’ve been a card carrying member since that fateful day in 4th grade when the doctor said I had a astigmatism and would need eyeglasses to correct it. Fast forward a few years to 8th grade when I was wearing them almost everywhere I went, no longer just at school. As I prepared for high school I knew I needed an upgrade and moved onto the world of contacts. While contacts were not a smooth transition, they did help me in the pool because this swimmer was not about to invest in prescription goggles! A few more years down the road I decided that the glasses route wasn’t so bad after all, and they were reintroduced into the rotation.

Why does all this matter?? It matters because I found a fabulous new website to entertain my glasses They have hundreds of different glasses frame options for men and women all at stellar prices. We’re not just talking run-of-the-mill styles either. They have everything from designer options to multifocal glasses to prescription sunglasses. Everything you could possibly want all in one site. Not sold yet? What about the free shipping both ways? Talk about a deal!

Another nifty feature of this site is the Virtual Mirror option. It allows you to "try on" different pairs to see what best fits your face and style. VERY helpful when ordering eyeglasses online.

Needless to say I will definitely be investing quite a bit of money in a few new pairs. How do you think I’d look in colored frames?? ;-)

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  1. AWESOME! I'm a member myself...since I failed an eye test at the DMV at 16...