Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters [10.05]

Hip hip HOORAY for Friday!


Dear iPhone 5, Why are you still not here?? Do you know how frustrating it is to log into AT&T and see "pending shipment" day after day?? It was promised that you would arrive within 24-48 hours and not only are you not here after a week, but you haven't even shipped! Hurry up, please?!

Dear pumpkin flavor, Thank you oh so very much for showing up in just about every thing. I love you in my coffee and in my cookies. I adore you in my pop tarts and on my biscuits. Just keep on doin' your thang.

Dear NC State, Want to share what's going on? I mean honestly, fellas. This continuing to play pee wee football against the big boys is just pathetic. How about stepping up your game for FSU this weekend? Your fans would greatly appreciate the effort!

Dear Raleighwood, We're coming!! Please prepare accordingly:-)


  1. "Pending shipment" is the WORST thing ever, lol!! I hate when you're waiting on something forever. I hope it ships soon!!!!

    Pumpkin poptarts, what?!?!?

  2. I had the worst time getting my iPhone in the mail and it wasn't even the newest model! I totally feel your pain. :-/

    And Raleighwood? Does that mean you live in/near the Carolinas? Because that's where I'm planning to move in January when my Masters is over. Preferably beach side. :)

    Here via Friday Letters.


  3. You are being a lot nicer then I would be. There is no way!I would done be yelling at people if it had not arrived when it was suppose too. Hopefully you get it soon!

  4. Hi from Friday Letters!

    I can't believe I have never had one iphone in my entire life. I believe I might be the only one. But I am definitely on board with all the pumpkin flavor! I never liked pumpkin before but I can't seem to live without it this season (:

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather

  5. I hope you get your phone in soon, even though I am officially a Droid girl. :) Haha! But I was an iPhone girl for years and years.

    I am loving Pumpkin SPICES! Ahh. I bought Pumpkin Pie Spice, from the spice section at Walmart, to make coffee at home. :)