Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters [10.26]

Happy Friday one and all! Today I am linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!


Dear Peanut, What is this all of a sudden aversion to dairy products? You've completely turned me off of everything from milk to yogurt to even ice cream. Would you be a dear and figure this out? You need the calcium all of those things provide!

Dear Boone, We are very excited to come visit you, even if it is for only a brief trip. I've heard rumors of chilly temps and rain. How about you hold off on those for another day so we can enjoy the gorgeous fall weather? Many thanks!

Dear sleep, Oh how glorious, yet fleeting you are these days. I promise to catch up on you, probably over Thanksgiving Break. Will you wait for me?

Dear iPhone, PLEASE arrive before we leave for Boone! We've been stalking the mess out of you since it said you shipped Wednesday afternoon. It would be superbly awesome if you arrived in time for us to get you set up!


  1. Oh NO! Your baby doesn't like milk?! I can't image a Mrs. Mobley who doesn't eat ice cream. It's just...inconceivable! (Name that movie!)

  2. I hope the weather stays nice for your trip and you manage a sleep in one day soon! x

  3. Hope the weather is nice!! I'm feeling the same way about sleep these days.