Monday, March 2, 2015

7 Month Update

Happy 7 months, little love!

Loves playing with those feetsies! 

All smiles holding her doll baby's hand

Here, let me give you a love tap. . . 

Ooo this sticker thing is fun 

Daisy, you want one too? I'll share mine!

Height/Weight: Who knows at this point-haha. I had been trying to weigh her on our scale at home, but it always seems so off. We do know she lost a smidge when she was sick, but she has definitely gained it back. I'd say she is somewhere in the 17-18 lb range?

Clothes: Sticking in the 9 month clothes range these days. Some 6-9 stuff still, but it's a squeeze. She is wearing a few 12 month onesies just for the length. 

Likes: Still loves Daisy and Daddy. She also loves eating any and all types of food! We've also noticed she loves music of any type. As soon as she hears she starts to wave her arms up and down.

Dislikes: We're very blessed that overall she continues to be a pretty happy baby. The nighttime transition from bath to pajamas is a rough time every night-I'm hoping this ends before she's 18;-) 

Milestones: She is rolling every which direction. It cracks me up to lay her down and then come back a few minutes later to see her a few feet away! She also is sitting up completely on her own. I'm loving this stage of her sitting up by herself and being able to play!

Fun Fact-She doesn't really have  a7 month "birthday" because she was born on the 29th and there are only 28 days in February. Nifty, huh?

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