Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

We're going stir crazy. Both the dog and I are beginning to lose our minds. The first day was fun because it gave us all the excuse to sleep in and bum around the house in our sweats (though I don't always wait for a snow day to bum around in sweats!). I pulled up Netflix and brought out the honeymoon pictures for an afternoon of movies and scrapbooking. Day two was very similar to the first except I added a walk to Wally World. Just a head's up if you're ever looking for a time to go to Walmart it's during an ice storm! Can you say empty? Then, Mama came to take me out to supper and keep us company.

We have officially reached day three and I have a full-blown case of cabin fever! I'm meeting a friend for lunch this afternoon will be nice, but the poor pooch will still be cooped up. She doesn't quite understand that the ice is slippery and keeps falling on her caboose! So I had the bright idea to take the dog on a walk to the mailbox. Not such a bright idea.  She would be a couple steps ahead of me where it was clear, but I was still back where it was icy. Picture this-me being pulled through our complex while screaming, "DAISYYYYYYYY". I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed that one! A few pictures:

"Maybe she won't notice me if I sneak behind this bush."
 "Why do I keep tumbling down the hill?!"
"I didn't make this mess if that's what you're thinking. . ."

Our snow days by the numbers:
  • Number of pictures scrapbooked: over 500
  • Number of cups of coffee from the Keurig: 8
  • Number of movies watched: 7
  • Number of ropes Daisy has destroyed: 2
  • Number of naps: at least 1 a day
  • Number of times I've fallen on the ice: No comment. . .
Let's all say a prayer we're back in school soon!

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