Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faith in Action

Today's reading led me to Hebrews 11. I've been trying (key word is trying) to follow a daily Bible reading, and today's reading was all about faith in action. After reading through the passage all I could think about was our shaky faith in difficult situations, and their unshakable faith in far worse. Verse by verse stories were recalled about faith in the most trying times. It brings me to this question: Why is our faith so shaky? These people didn't know the great power of God, yet they listened to every command without question. Why can we not do this too? Why are we not doing more in our lives with the knowledge that God has a greater place for us? He promises us an eternity, yet we struggle to Him Sunday mornings. What does it take for us to really live our lives radically as they did in the Bible?

David recently finished a book appropriately titled Radical by David Platt. While I have not yet had the time to read it, I know enough to know that Platt knows what he is talking about. Platt challenges us to take the teachings of the Bible and actually live by it. To not just "talk the talk" but to "walk the walk". We must stop forcing God to fit into our lives, and instead make our lives ALL about Him! I understand the difficulty of this task and am still struggling to make it work in my own life, but why not? The question I leave you with is, what is holding you back from living your life by faith?

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