Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wooded Unknown

I apologize for my delayed posting, but I wanted to see how long the trend continued. I'll explain. This past weekend found me and Daisy cleaning house and catching up on school. Well at least it found ME doing those things. Daisy conveniently found a bone to chew and sock to destroy. About 11:00 Saturday morning the princess decided that being cooped up was too much for her royal butt and she began whimpering at the door. Now if you know Daisy, you know this cannot be ignored. Thus, the trip outside.

I grabbed the orange monkey and we were off! Usually I just let her do her thing around the tall grass behind our building and she wears herself out. Of course things couldn't happen so smoothly on a day I needed to get things done. She ends up poking around in the wooded area for a bit before she comes bounding up to me with something in her mouth. Anyone want to take a guess what she brought? Well if you said a decayed raccoon's leg, you'd be correct! That's right folks, the princess deemed this a delicacy. The fun didn't end there. The thing had to be disposed of somehow. Armed with my makeshift gloves of ziploc baggies and roughly ten Harris Teeter plastic bags I tossed the thing in the dumpster. If you wondering, I may have gagged the entire run to the dumpster.

The fun didn't end there! Someone thought it was a brilliant idea to throw out their stale bread in the tall grass and pond. I understand the thought to save the birdies in the colder winter months, but they survived centuries in nature before Wonder Bread made its appearance! I digress. Daisy of course sniffed this out and brought me the following items over the weekend:
  1. A sandwich. Yes, a full-on turkey and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato. Someone somewhere missed out.
  2. a ciabatta  roll
  3. the equivalent of a loaf of wheat bread
  4. a couple slices of white bread. 
  5. a moldy sandwich roll
This has continued since then. Every time I take her out she does her business and then trots on over there. She then proceeds to sniff out the most disgusting piece of bread she can find and then prances it over to show me. I then take it and throw it in the Harris Teeter baggie that I now carry around with me. This song and dance has been going on since Sunday. I'm counting down the days until there is no more bread to steal, or a bitter raccoon beats her to it.

PS-There is a picture of the decayed foot if anyone is interested. . .


  1. I don't think birds can eat whole loaves of bread. Dogs certainly could, but not birds. How bizarre!

  2. 1. Post the picture.
    2. This is such a funny post, you are really funny!! Isn't it amazing what you can discover through the eyes of a dog!
    ...just wait until you have children! You'll never know how dirty your floor was...until it's all in their mouth.