Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

As I write this I think of all of you tucked in to your cozy beds on this SNOW DAY! When we were kids we all hoped and prayed for that day off. Many of us even slept with our jim-jams inside out, or with a spoon under our pillows (no judgment), in hopes some higher would have mercy and cancel school. The moment mom gently shook you to tell you that school was canceled was glorious! Forget sleeping, I'm bundling up and heading out!

As a teacher I can't help but think of how behind I am and how I REALLY don't want to make up the day later. That spring break in a warm, sunny place slipping farther and farther away...It is what it is and I plan on enjoying it as much as possible! Pookie and I will be bundling up after breakfast to mess up all the beautiful snow out back. Then, hopefully I can convince her a nap is always a good idea despite the fact we woke up an hour ago (wish me luck in this venture). 

A few images from 4:30 this morning...
 Suzy covered in snow
 Racing down to go crazy!
Pookie is in there somewhere...look at it coming down!

If you must leave, please be safe! For those of us lucky enough to get to stay home-HAVE FUN!

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