Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

I apologize for the delay since my last posting, but the hubby was in town and I made sure I spent every possible moment that I could with him! We had a busy, but wonderful, weekend scooting around town. Friday found us dining at the oh so delicious Carrabba's and then heading home to watch Inception. I may be the only person in the world to think this, but I wasn't very impressed with the movie. All I could think was, "huh?!?". Saturday we traveled to Ikea, also known as "The Motherland", with the extended Mob Squad. To put it bluntly, I'm obsessed with this place. Everything they do is just magical. I consider Ikea and Disney World on the same level if that tells you anything. . .

Another recent obsession is the TV show, Modern Family. I caved and purchased Season 1 on Amazon, and it was well-worth the $20! We watched three of the four discs. I told you we were obsessed...

 That evening we babysat four fabulous children! "Babysitting" is really code word for getting to play dress-up and forgetting that we're adults for a few hours. We spent Sunday morning with our AMAZING Hope Church Charlotte family and Sunday evening with my brother and his girlfriend. I cannot tell a lie, I had ulterior motives when I invited them over-I wanted to play Dominoes! Another recent love of ours is Mexican Train Dominoes. If you haven't played yet-you're missing out!

Monday was a day of catching up on work. School for me and Community Groups for Davido. All-in-all it was an incredible weekend and I'm already counting down until the next!

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  1. Love playing Mexican Train Dominoes! I play with my mom & aunt & grandma almost every weekend :)