Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures in Puppysitting

This week I had the good fortune of puppysitting for our friend's pup, Jeter. Jeter and Daisy are the epitome of BFF. We got dogs about the same time, so whenever we all hang out, Jeter and Daisy have entertained each other. This makes our lives significantly easier and our hanging out much less stressful. Scott is also working in Alabama and this week his usual puppy care couldn't watch Jeter. Since the girls get along so well, it was a no brainer that she would stay over here.

For those of you who have seen our apartment, you know there isn't much space. Add an additional dog and a mess of stuff, and we have the recipe for chaos! Honestly, it wasn't so bad. That is, it wasn't so bad for me. The people in the apartment below us may beg to differ after the girls decided to have a midnight wrestling match. Here are a few pictures from our adventures:
 Lost in their bone chewing
 Take a breather after terrorizing each other at the dog park.
 What I came home to one afternoon. How this happened is still a mystery. . .
Pooped after a long day of play!

Overall it was a great week. I could have done without the crazy walks (picture two very strong dogs pulling me in opposite directions on a slick road, yea, it was interesting) and twice the mess. The fact that they wore each other out, so much so that I actually got some things done around the house, more than makes up for it!

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