Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Living in an apartment makes it difficult to get to know your neighbors. There are no opportunities to meet them when you're out doing yard work or walking. There aren't as many chances to bond over holiday cookouts or scheduled events. We are lucky enough to live in a complex that has a "team" to plan things like that! The team is comprised of a young couple who do everything in their power (and allotted budgets) to keep events rolling. With David gone I haven't been to as many events. I'm not really the type of person who is brave enough to dive into the social ocean without at least one back up to talk to.

Another outlet we have here is a cozy dog park. And by cozy I mean you can barely toss a tennis ball without it flying over the fence. Nonetheless, it serves the purpose of keeping dogs contained while they romp around. Our ADD princess has difficulty playing there by herself (shocker, I know) so we usually only go in there if there is another dog there. Her playmate of choice is a Dalmatian/Jack Russell Terrier mix named Piper. I'm pretty sure Daisy has a massive girl crush on her. Anytime she sees Piper out chasing her ball, Daisy starts whining like she is dying a slow, miserable death. I usually cave in, primarily just to shut her up, and she drags me (literally) to the park. Lucky for me, Piper's "mom" is great too!

Y'all have already met the "Bread Lady", who is up to her usual antics by the way. This time Daisy is dining on homemade banana bread. Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe her. . .

Most recently I met the people a few floors below us. Their little family is made up of a single mother, her son, and their precious eight week old Jack Russel/Australian Shepherd mix, Sadie. From where I toss the monkey, Sadie can see us. Sadie's mom has informed me that Sadie's love of Daisy is much like Daisy's love of Piper. I nod comfortingly and assure her that Daisy is a great playmate despite her previous love interest.

It is hysterical to watch them play. Picture an eight pound Jack Russel jumping on our monster of a lioness. Daisy will lay their politely until Sadie goes for the ears. At that point Daisy is off running circles around the poor baby. All the while Sadie is still on her leash (she doesn't quite understand the commands "no", "come", or "get your little butt over here" yet) and being yanked back. Daisy fully understands the leash means Sadie cannot actually get to her and takes full advantage of this by getting into range, then running away, getting into range, then running away, getting into range-you get the point.

All things considered, we really lucked out. Though, all these nice things don't cancel out the fact that I am counting the days until we go house hunting!

Her attempt to sneak in a stick without my knowledge

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