Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Scavenger Hunt

In keeping with the "we don't do normal" tradition, we spent our first day back together racing around Winston Salem on the hunt! Mama and Daddy came up with a series of random items that you would never imagine finding together. Luckily our group had the ingenious idea of hitting up Target. Target has everything, and they certainly didn't fail us this time around! Some of the items on the list included an Easter bunny, coins with your birth year (harder than it sounds!), pumping someone else's gas, all group member's sharing a soda, and on and on. Despite the downpour it was actually a lot of fun. I highly suggest starting the tradition the next time your family gets together! A few pictures from our adventure:
 Climbing a tree
 David wasn't too excited to stand in the puddle on the playground.
 With our Easter bunny!
 Our lottery ticket won $2! Which David promptly spent on another ticket. . .
 Pumping a stranger's gas
 With our birth coins
 With an out of state plate

Did you pick up on the common theme in all the pictures? Bunny ears were required! Mama has a twisted sense of humor. . . I hope your Easter weekend is just as exciting!

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