Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monogrammed Wreath-Take 2

A few months ago I made a precious monogrammed wreath from styrofoam and twine. Now, whether it was the crazy wind storms we had this Spring or some neighborhood hoods, my poor wreath broke. David would like to point out that the likelihood of it being "hoods" is super low and it was probably the wind, but you can never be too sure in a super safe neighborhood with a neighborhood watch.

 This left us in need of new door decor, enter Pinterest and all the cutesy stuff it has to offer! 

All this precious gem took was three fake flowers, a wreath, and a monogrammed M! Less than $10 and David says he likes this one better. Score! 
I guess maybe I owe the wind/hoods a thank you.


  1. Very cute! I never want to make one because a lot of the ones I have seen on pinterest involve making the flowers. I'm not too great with that stuff. I love your idea here though!