Monday, September 23, 2013

The Amazing Maize Maze

I've mentioned a time, or twelve, before how important dates are to us. We try to have some form of a "date" once a week to connect with each other. So, a few weeks ago when I saw a Groupon for admission to a corn maze I jumped on it!

I grew up one town over from where we live now and I remember going to the maze many, many moons ago when I was a kid. I remember it being a lot of fun trying to figure it out with my friends. I knew it would be just the right challenge for two oldest children who love to compete. The downside to this little Groupon gem was that we only had a few weeks to use it. In an effort to make sure we used it before it expired we ended up going when it was raining. It wasn't torrential or anything like that, but it was more than a sprinkle. In fact there was one point when my beloved husband turned to me and said, "this is absolutely miserable". But I'm jumping ahead of myself. . .

We arrived just in time to received our "maze orientation" from a very enthusiastic worker who has been leading people for almost 20 years. He got all into character and told all sorts of silly jokes to get us excited. Once he finished his spiel we were off! 

David taking the lead with the flag. 

We knew the general outline and the maze and where we needed to go first. While it wasn't our original goal we ended up collecting all 12 of the maze pieces for our map. There were times of running and excitement as we raced through it and then other moments of dread and frustration (not to mention claustrophobia!) as we dragged ourselves through it.

The corn was 10 feet high!

We finished in exactly 90 minutes with all 12 of the pieces. While we didn't set any records or anything it was a lot of fun. As we were leaving we even learned about a Fall Food Truck Rally the farm was holding the next weekend-score! 

 A little soggy and a little tired, but we did it!

A pumpkin beer-the perfect end to the day!

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  1. Aww fun!! Yall will have to come up to our maze ;)