Monday, August 11, 2014

A Great Daddy

Amelia Grace has a great daddy. From the moment we found out we were pregnant David has been fantastic. Fantastic doesn't even cover it. Since her arrival it's been made even more apparent how blessed the both of us are to have him.

A good daddy offers to help. . . A great daddy helps without being asked.

A good daddy lets you take a nap. . . A great daddy gets a sign put on your hospital door so no one will disturb and asks the nurses to take care of their business before you rest.

A good daddy listens to the doctors when they talk. . . A great daddy asks questions no one else thinks of.

A good daddy will hold the baby. . . A great daddy snuggles with her and does skin-to-skin as much as possible.

A good daddy asks how you're doing. . . A great daddy really asks and really listens.

We definitely have a great daddy!

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  1. Aww this is too sweet!!!! So happy for yall! :)