Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saturday Outing

We are fortunate enough to live in a pretty awesome location. We're close to the Lake Norman area and a short drive from Charlotte, which means we're always close to fun things. Coming up with a good restaurant to visit or a neat place to try isn't the hard part; what is hard is deciding where to go! This past Saturday we decided to take advantage of the cooler summer temps and wander outside for a "date". Granted, Amelia Grace joined us, but she was so well-behaved we barely noticed her! So where did we take our wee little one?? Why, a beer festival of course!

A local neighborhood was hosting a small craft beer festival and we knew it would be right up our alley. For $18 you received eighteen 2-oz servings. I knew that I was in no shape to be drinking that much beer, especially heavy beers, so David and I split the ticket. There were nine different breweries to choose from with two samples at each brewery. 

A pretty good turnout for the small, not very well-publicized, shindig

David enjoying a little sip of NoDa's "Woody and Wilcox" brew

Baby girl basking in all the attention

The real star of the show, though? Amelia Grace, of course. Just about every time we turned around people were sneaking peaks at the little miss and asking about her. It was so much fun getting to brag about our little love!


  1. 'Looks like a great way to spend the day!

  2. Love her lil grin! Glad y'all got out & enjoyed yourselves!

  3. I agree with Pamela, I'm glad you are getting the whole family out and about!