Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birth Story Part 1

My sweet husband has managed to wrestle our precious baby girl from my arms for a bit giving me a chance to finally put into words the story of our little girl's arrival. . .

Starting the previous week I'd been having more and more Braxton Hicks contractions, but didn't think much of it. Some people have intense contractions for weeks, even months my few days were nothing. On Sunday they started picking up, but were still about 10 minutes apart and stopped after an hour or so. I figured it was all nothing and knew that we had an appointment with the OB the next day where we could check things out.

On Monday I woke up and headed to our school district's summer conference for teachers. It was a fairly uneventful day aside from the usual Braxton Hicks. A sweet friend of mine mentioned "it would be a good day for a baby" but I just laughed it off thinking I'd be waddling until our August 6th induction date. That afternoon I headed to the doctor for our weekly appointment and a non-stress test (NST). She cooperated during the NST and couldn't stop wriggling. When we met with the doctor she said my contractions were coming about six minutes apart. I guess what I thought were the Braxton Hicks were the real thing! She checked me but I was only about 2.5cm dilated and able to talk and walk, so she didn't feel the need to admit me. She made a joke about being on call that night and maybe she would see us that night. We left the office and headed home to hang out.

We caught up on an episode of Dexter (obsessed!) while chowing down on pizza from a local place (I soon came to regret the choice for extra garlic!) before we took Daisy for a walk. When we got back from the walk I noticed the contractions picking up, but the closest they ever got was the six minutes and only lasted 30 or so seconds. I headed to bed to prepare for day two of the conference. 

Around midnight I woke up to go to the bathroom and felt a pretty intense contraction. I decided I'd try to time them and see what happened. After about an hour of them getting more intense and closer together I leaned over and woke David up. Bless his precious little sleep-loving heart I think I about shocked him to death. Neither of us was expecting anything to happen so soon! He got out of bed and went into go mode-tossing last minute things in our hospital bag, taking care of our neurotic dog who couldn't understand why we were up and moving, and taking the quickest shower known to man! Then, we were off!

Stay tuned for part two!

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