Friday, August 29, 2014

1 Month Birthday!

Happy 1 Month Birthday to our beautiful little love!

 Snuggling with her doll baby for comparison

 Still haven't mastered the whole head control thing

Kicking and playing

SO over the whole photo shoot

Height/Weight: We clocked in at 21.25" and 9lbs, 2oz at the doctor this week. She then proceeded to pee ALL over the doctor's table, so David thinks she lost a few ounces there.

Clothes: Baby girl is officially out newborn clothes (wahhhhhh!) and solely in 0-3 months, but at this rate we will very quickly be in 3-6 months! 

Likes: tummy time, eating, being outside, napping in people's arms, white noise, and her swing.

Dislikes: sleeping on her back, bath time, going to the doctor to get poked and prodded, and having her diaper changed.

Milestones: She has officially rolled over three times by herself now! She also works hard to hold her head up and look around for 15-20 seconds before she rests it on our chests. Our baby girl is growing so fast!

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