Monday, August 18, 2014

Information Overload

Information overload, situation lost control
Send out an S.O.S.
-Katy Perry
 It's like Katy Perry was inside the mind of a new mama when she wrote those lines. You got a question, there are a million websites, people, and books who have answers and they're likely to all be very different. Don't get me wrong I love the fact that I was able to Google "milk coming out of newborn's nose" when Amelia Grace was spitting up out of all orifices at 1am. And it was super helpful to text all my breast feeding mama friends on our first night home when I couldn't keep our little nugget awake long enough to finish a feeding. But when it really boils down to it there is so much information out there, I don't know what to listen to!

One book says to start a baby on a schedule ASAP, while another says wait until 4-6 weeks. One website says her goopy eye is a blocked tear duct, while another says it could be signs of a cold. One pamphlet says too much tummy time is not good for newborns, while another says to take full advantage of it. One mama friend says to give her the pacifier now, while another says to wait until she's a month or two. 

Catch my drift??

So, for now I'm taking it all in. I'm reading the books, scouring the internet, and talking to friends. I'm listening to all that's out there and figuring out what's best for our family and trying my best to avoid an information overload!

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