Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday [09.12]

Five things for this Friday. . .

We were fortunate enough to have our sweet friend (and wedding photographer!), Amaris, come capture a few pictures of our little love bug yesterday. Here is a sneak peek:

The original plan was to wean off the prednisone for good following Amelia Grace's birth. Well, my body seems to have other ideas. After a quick check up and lab work this past week it looks like I have elevated protein levels in my urine. No bueno. Hello, 24-hour urine test and hopefully more answers. Prayers appreciated!

I am SO excited for a quiet weekend at home with both of my loves. After pure insanity for the past few months it's going to be so nice to do regular Saturday things-leisurely breakfast, run errands, and gorge ourselves on football!

 It took four years, but the Mobleys officially have cable. *gasp*
So, what have we been watching? Lots of HGTV!

Y'all know we have a slight issue with binge-watching shows on Netflix. Well, this past summer we started Dexter, and I am happy to say we FINALLY finished. After the tiny interruption of a wee one, we found the time to knock it out this past week. Whew. Now, onto the shows of Fall! 

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