Thursday, September 4, 2014

Misfit Magic

In my last post I mentioned the wonderful gift my hubby surprised me that proves how well he knows me-a Misfit Shine.

Never heard of it? Yea, me either! Ha! I had been looking at the different FitBit options for a while now, but wasn't sold. I wanted a tracker that also told time since I always wear a watch. The only FitBit product that offered that had recently been taken off the market for causing skin irritation. Errr, not interested. David knew this and started doing some research. Side note, David always does research before he makes a purchase so, when he buys something you know it's the best. It can be insanely frustrating when all you need is a floor fan, but darn tootin' you're going to have the best stinkin fan on the market!

After he did his research he headed to Target and talked to the electronics guru there who told him all the merits of the Shine. It didn't take long for him to decide that was just what I needed. It's only been a few days, but my boy definitely made the right choice! 

A few details:
*It has options to be a watch, a necklace accessory, or just a regular pin. I wear it as a very sleek-looking watch on my wrist. 

*The stellar technology allows you to set a daily goal where you receive "points" towards a daily total. Different activities equal different points depending on how hard you work and for how long.

*There is automatic sleep monitoring that tells you how much "restful" sleep you get each night.  
Side note, my sleep isn't very restful these days. Hmmm, I wonder why;-)

*It calculates your steps, calories and mileage as well as calculates the points.

*You can sync it to your facebook account and "compete" with other Misfit owners.

*You can sync it with different calories-counting apps so your exercise and calories are logged in both apps to make for easier tracking. 

*It runs on a battery meaning you don't lose time (or steps) by having to charge it.

*Completely waterproof.

I am definitely a convert now and love how this new tool will help me get back in shape!

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