Tuesday, September 2, 2014

26th Birthday Buzz

This past weekend we celebrated my 26th birthday in the best way possible-delicious food and time together! 

One of our plans before Amelia Grace was born was to hit up some of our favorite restaurants we weren't sure we were going to get to after baby. Since she decided to surprise us a few weeks early we missed out on that opportunity, but that meant we had an excuse to go out big for my birthday. We ended up at one of our Charlotte favorites, Cowfish, and were not disappointed!

We dropped baby girl off at David's parent's house and headed out pretty early. When you have a newborn who doesn't sleep in, staying out late is a foreign concept! Then we headed to Cowfish where we began our meal with seared ahi tuna nachos (YUM). Now, if you have never been there you are definitely missing out-everything is good. You cannot go wrong, which is what made it so hard to decide what to eat. David ended up with their pimento cheese burger on toasted rye and I decided on the blue cheese chicken sandwich with caramelized onions and other fixins. Delish.

Afterwards David surprised me with a birthday gift I didn't even know I wanted-the Misfit Shine fitness tracker! I'd been looking at the FitBit for a while, but wasn't quite sold on it. David, knowing me as well as he does, did all the research and found the Shine and learned how much better it is. Two days in and I'm addicted to tracking everything. Need something from upstairs? I'll grab it for the extra steps. Run out to the mailbox? Count me in. A few extra minutes on our walk. Yes, please!

Afterwards we went across the street to Gigi's cupcakes-another delicious favorite! Then we headed over to Southpark Mall to wander around and look at all the crazy things we can't afford. Hello, super expensive Louis Vuitton purse. Hi there, Tiffany's lamp. Hola, Burberry coat.

It was a great birthday all around and will definitely be hard to top!

PS-The entire time I was writing this post my daughter was farting up a storm on her play mat. This is my life now. . .


  1. LOL to the ps ;) You look absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad you had a great bday girl!