Monday, September 15, 2014

Motherhood is. . .

I know I'm new to this game, but a few of my thoughts thus far on what motherhood is. . .

. . . getting all your daily steps in walking up and down the hallway to a fussy baby who refuses to sleep.

. . . learning after one poop explosion you always have an extra outfit with you.
Story to come

. . . prepping supper HOURS beforehand because that's the only time your arms will be empty all day.
. . . letting your baby sleep in the carrier no matter how many times you said you would never do that because that's the only place the baby would sleep that day.

. . . sleeping on the floor next to the crib because you would rather get a few extra seconds of sleep on the floor than waste time walking down the hallway and letting the baby get more worked up.

. . . giving the baby a pacy after a week despite pledging that your baby wouldn't have a pacy until she was at least 6 weeks old. Hmph.

. . . deleting all the other pictures on your phone to make room for a million different pictures of the same thing.

. . . thinking about every day in an effort to maximize naps and happy baby time.

And my personal favorite realization

. . . rocking your baby long after they fall asleep because you just love the baby snuggles.

I love motherhood:-)

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