Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are We Weird??

I'm beginning to wonder if we're the "weird" ones everyone else talks about. I mean there are a lot of reasons people may think that (yes, I realize it's not normal to want to go to bed by 9pm every night), but in particular I'm wondering about lifestyle and healthy living.

Last December we decided to complete a round of Whole30 in the new year, but as we were looking into it we realized a lot of what we do already aligns with that. We rarely eat/drink dairy, bread shows up in our house for guests, and I haven't bought soda in years. We both like to workout at least five times a week and have been known to get cranky if we can't. Which leads me to my question again, 

Are we weird??

I can't tell you how many looks we get when we tell guests we only have water or almond milk to drink. Our Community Group laughs at us all the time because we always have the same boring drinks that no one wants! Haha. When we're planning our days we always make sure to fit a workout in, even if we're on vacation. It just helps us feel better! And since we've completed Whole30 we are much more aware of the foods we eat. Now, don't get me wrong, I still have a major sweet tooth, but I'm looking more at labels for the ingredients than the calories these days.

So, what's the verdict, folks-are we weird??


  1. No you're not weird!! Yall are the smart ones!

  2. Nope, smart and healthy! See if people call you weird when you're old and still kickin' ;)