Sunday, March 22, 2015

What a Wonderful Weekend

Have I mentioned how amazing the weather has been?? We did have a few days of ick in between the gorgeous, but I think it helped us appreciate the beauty even more!

This weekend my sister, Abby, and her boyfriend, Mark, joined us for a quick visit. Since our brother, Harrison, and his wife, Ashley, live so close we were able to coordinate schedules and make time to hang out pretty much all weekend. Having family close by is such a treasure! We kicked Friday night off with a few rounds of Dominoes, because we can't get together and not play Dominoes. It just doesn't work like that. Harrison and Abby are definitely my blood because they were both ready to toss in the towel and head to bed around the same time I was-9:30ish. Everyone lovesssssss to make fun of the Ward kids for going to bed early but we're all going to outlive all of y'all because of how well-rested we are ;-)

Saturday brought beautiful weather and a chance to show off a fun part of the city to Abby and Mark. We packed up the babe and headed down to NoDa for a few drinks and lunch. We started at NoDa Brewing and were lucky enough that Harrison and Ashley were able to grab a table in the sun. Craft beer, food truck food, family, and incredible weather-it was perfection.

Soaking up the sunshine

Love him more and more

My heart is so full.

I love my people.

After an hour or so there we headed across the way to Birdsong Brewing for a few more drinks. The sun was warming up so we were able to grab a table under the covering and hunker down for a while.  Soon thereafter little miss let us know that she was reaching her limit so we headed back to the house to grill out and watch basketball. Speaking of basketball, anyone else see that NC State game?? Whoooooooo! GO PACK! 

Wearing our matching NC State dresses to church to celebrate the win!

Sunday wrapped up with the morning at church and catching up around the house. Pretty much perfection. I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

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