Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Snow Days

Y'all, there is a reason I live in North Carolina and one of those reasons is the early onset of Spring and very little snow we usually get. Welp, Mother Nature must be cracking up at my complaints because she is keeping the cold coming! Two weeks ago we had our first icy/snow snap that kept the kiddos out of school and the rest of us locked up in our houses trying to stay warm. Then, last week we were hit again, but this time it was more snow than ice making it more fun to play in (not that we did much playing since it was still too cold for little miss!).

What we went to bed with 

What we woke up to-a solid 3 inches! 

Snuggled up with baby girl!

In true North Carolina fashion the kids were out of school much longer than necessary and the weather was a balmy 50 the next day. We were all so hopeful that was the end of it until David broke the news to me of the possibility of more ick later this week. Seriously??? We're going stir crazy around here! We're ready to return to our daily walks and our evenings spent on the patio watching the cows! 

If you need me or Amelia Grace we'll be packing our bags and heading south for the rest of the winter. She mentioned how much fun it would be to see the clear waters of the Bahamas;-)

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