Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
-The GO GOs

Long time no post! The long awaited Spring Break kept me away for the past week and a half, and I can't say I'm sorry. A week off from school spent with family and my hubs was exactly what this tired teacher needed. I'll try to keep the recap brief!

Break started off with a fabulous visit with the Ward clan. We piled our massive amount of luggage (it amazes me how much we bring for a two-day visit) into the rental car and strolled on up the road to Winston Salem. We had a fabulous visiting with the triplets and my parents, including our first annual Easter Scavenger Hunt. Saturday was filled with shopping and napping before heading home.

Easter Sunday began with a beautiful service at Hope Church and ended with full tummies with the Mobleys. Pastor Mike did an incredible job sharing the momentous day! We had a marvelous time hanging out with everyone and devouring massive amounts of food. I'd been trying to eat healthy in preparation for our beach trip, but all bets were off when Grammie's famous coleslaw made an appearance at the table. The meal was topped off with chocolate peanut butter eggs (a must at every Easter!) and my Peep sunflower cake (recipe to come).

On Monday morning we began the relaxing leg of our break. We headed straight to the beach once we got to Mount Pleasant. After four glorious hours of reading and resting, aka a glimpse at heaven, we decided we'd exposed ourselves to enough skin cancer. To say we were sunburned is an understatement. I would say we weren't completely and totally roasted. Thank heavens there was a Harris Teeter nearby that carried a 16oz bottle of aloe. I'm embarrassed to say we used more aloe than sunscreen this trip. Maybe I'll try that whole "keeping my skin youthful" thing next summer.

Tuesday took us into downtown Charleston! Whoot whoot! Anyone who knows me knows that Charleston, along with Disney World, is one of my most favorite places in the world. I woke David's booty up super early so we could get the free breakfast and get going. In case you're wondering, the Holiday Inn Express in Mount Pleasant has a banging continental breakfast! Anywho, David was wonderfully patient as we spent hours wandering around the market and in and out of shops. I'm sure you're just dying to know what fantastic trinkets we ended up with. My favorite purchase was a set of pictures that spelled out Mobley. A picture of the pictures to come! David's big purchase was a handmade wooden chess set from Russia. While I'm excited he finally found one he likes, I am SO not excited about learning to play and losing time and time again. I'll pay anyone interested in taking my place at the chess set:-)

Wednesday and Thursday were filled with mornings on the beach and afternoons in the movie theater. While we missed the major storms, it was still kind of yucky out. We don't see movies at the theater very often so when we do it takes hours of painstaking deliberation to determine what film is worth $10 a person. I mean if they're going to rip you off to that extreme you better well leave the theater smiling gosh darn it. Not to mention we are two of the most indecisive human beings on the earth who decided to get married. This leads to years spent making decisions. Please do not ever ask us to pick a restaurant or a movie-you may put us in early graves. Needless to say, "Water for Elephants" and "The Lincoln Lawyer" did not disappoint! 

Friday morning began with none other than the Royal Wedding! The beautiful Kate Middleton got to live out every little girl's dream of marrying a handsome prince (even if he does need to invest in some Rogaine) and becoming a princess (or duchess, whatever). I even got David to watch some of it with me after he saw Kate. His exact words were, "knockout". My response? "Heck yea she is!" We believe in honesty in his family. After we were all weddinged out we headed to the beach before making the long trek back.

Put simply, it was an incredible vacation and I'm currently trying to come up with ways to convince David we simply must go back. Any suggestions?!?

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  1. Yes, go about 1.2 hours more north and stay with the Elliott's in Pawleys Island...for FREE!