Monday, March 25, 2013

Last First Date

I saw another blogger do this, and I thought it was too sweet not to do myself! Here is the story of my very last first date. . .

 One of our very first pictures together. We were such babies!

David and I met through mutual friends in college. Nothing too fancy about that. When we first met he was dating someone else, so I didn't think twice about it. Fast forward a few months to summer, and he was single again. As was the cool thing back in the day, we chatted on AIM on and off. Nothing fancy since I was in Raleigh working and he was home in Charlotte. 

After we both settled in for the new school year in August, our friends continued to prompt us to hang out. I didn't think much of it and agreed to go out with him. We made plans (while chatting on AIM like cool kids) to hang out one evening the next week. He ended up cancelling. This happened two more times before I decided I'd about had it. I happened to mention this to his best friend, who was instrumental in us getting together. He was the little birdy in David's ear who prompted what became our "official" first date.

I'd gone home Labor Day Weekend to celebrate my birthday with the fam. While I was home he asked me to go out to dinner with him when I got back. We made plans for the next Thursday evening. While I was home David was in a pretty scary car accident when a clueless lady drove him off the road. This sent his poor little Mazda into the shop for some time, leading me to be our driver. 

I picked him up that evening and we scooted on over to the local Crapplebee's for the most awkward first date in the history of all first dates. You heard me, it was ridiculous. Everything from the odd, overly talkative waiter to our minds being in different places led us to question what the heck we were doing there. Then there was the bill stare down when he finally came. He claims he had every intention of paying, but we'll never know because I refused to touch the thing!

After supper we headed back to his dorm to hang out with friends and watch the opening game of the college football season. It turns out the both of us were too nervous to act like ourselves at supper, but were able to relax while with our friends. By the end of the night, I knew I wanted a do-over. I'm happy to say he realized that too.

Taken the day we became "official". Take a wild guess where we were. . .

Fast forward five and a half years later and here we are:-)


  1. Such a great story. Andrew and I had a wierd dating experience at first. We used AIM all the time haha!

  2. Ha! That check thing is so funny! That is pretty much what craig and I did. :)