Monday, March 4, 2013

What Now?

I bit the bullet and got this. . .

So what now?

This was prompted by a series of things. 

Prompting 1:
David gave up dairy and began drinking coconut milk instead. After a lot of research we determined that drinking milk was not good for us. It gives both of us stomachaches and makes us feel sluggish. My concern was losing the calcium it provided, but my fears were shut down when I remembered the gigantor calcium supplements the nephrologist has me taking to counteract the bone depreciation of the prednisone. After more research we realized how wonderful coconut really is.

Prompting 2:
Pinterest peeps are pinning it left and right. It seemed like every time I get on Pinterest someone has pinned something about coconut oil. I followed a few of the links and learned all that it offered for your health.

Prompting 3:
It offers an alternative to a variety of things. Need a household cleaner? Try coconut oil. Want to get rid of acne? Try coconut oil. Want to fix a squeaky hinge? Try coconut oil.

So, after collecting all this information I picked some up. The question becomes, what now? There are so many options I don't know where to start!

Have you ever used coconut oil??


  1. I've heard to try it as a conditioner for your hair! Good luck!

  2. I use it as a deep conditioner almost every morning before I shower with a little heat and have seen my hair grow just a little faster! Other than that it wrecked havoc on my legs and face as a moisturizer.

  3. I literally just bought the exact same coconut oil as you this weekend, too! Not sure how exactly I'll use it, but apparently it is the new big thing! Let me know if you make anything good with it!

  4. I heard it's really good for your hair! I've been considering giving it a go around for this mop on my head!