Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainbow Weekends

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them. 
John Shirley

The end of David's long visit is approaching the end. I'm happy to have had him here with me for almost two weeks, but until he lives here full-time I'm gonna have a hard time saying good-bye! We did have a great time and as I mentioned before, his timing was impeccable. Our week as a whole was pretty laid-back, but that made it even better. Our biggest adventure of the week was a trip to Walmart for celebration ice cream. What were we celebrating? It was Thursday and we wanted ice cream, and that sounded like a good enough reason to us!

Yesterday we ventured out to the Farmer's Market in Concord. I absolutely adore fresh fruits and veggies and buying local always makes me feel like I'm kind of saving the world one potato at a time. Anywho we ended up with a few favorites: strawberries, sweet potatoes, a watermelon, asparagus, cucumbers, and tomatoes! Then we trotted across the street to the Food Dog (Food Lion to all you real people) for our bacon and lettuce. Needless to say we were very happy campers with our homemade BLT's washed down with juicy watermelon.

After we were released from our food coma we moseyed on over to the pool for some sunshine and summertime (I wish!) fun. Too bad the pool was closed! We managed to still have fun catching up with some of our neighbors and enjoying a few drinks. It was about the time people started shouting to newcomers not to sign a lease (I'll save that fun rant for another post) that we scooted on home.

That afternoon found us at my little's graduation party! It was so great to see Amy and Baily and catch up on everything. By the time we left it was cemented in David and my minds that we needed to get to Raleighwood ASAP.

The only picture I took all weekend

Then, we scooted across town to see David's brother, John, off to prom! He and his girlfriend looked great and it was so neat to see him off. Thanks to scheduling (stupid exams, who needs to pass college anyway?!?) conflicts I missed ALL of the Wardlet's proms (minus my own that is), so I'm making sure we see all of John's. No, I don't have any pictures (I'm really slacking in the picture department these days), but I'll try to get them from Mama and Papa Mobs to post. 

We kicked off Sunday with an amazing service at Hope Church. If you're looking a church home in Charlotte, now is the time to come! We are going through a membership series and all the core beliefs and principles of the church are being shared. This week is triple coupons week at Harris Teeter (victory!) so I spent about an hour and half trying to figure out how many free items I could get. We ended up with a bunch of random stuff I wouldn't buy on a normal week, but, hey, it was free! The final total? $42. The savings? $64. I'd consider that a success. They're doing it until Tuesday if you're interested!

We are currently relaxing and enjoying our last few hours together. By relaxing I mean that I'm blogging to all your wonderful peeps and he is getting a good workout playing NCAA on the PlayStation.  It's amazing how much movement occurs while he's playing a video game. Maybe somebody needs to remember that it's only a game. . . Happy Sunday!

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