Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interested in Pinterest?

As if I needed something else to keep me from achieving any levels of productivity, I have found a new guilty pleasure-Pinterest. Pinterest is a fantabulous new site that allows you to "pin" all sorts of things that interest you. Hence the name, Pinterest. It's kind of like a virtual cork board.

Why, you may ask, would you want to do this? Because it is a super easy way to keep track of the things on your radar right now. For instance, I'm getting what is commonly referred to as "house fever". Symptoms range from plowing the internet for houses on the market, longingly looking for ideas in house mags, penny pinching for a down payment, etc. I have a bad case of house fever. Pinterest helps me keep track of all the precious ideas I see before I can put them into action. I would hate to forget one before this pesky house fever is cured!

You may also be wondering what kinds of things would you "pin". Put simply, anything! Engaged? Pin ideas for a DIY wedding. Preggers? Pin cute organization and nursery ideas. A foodie? Pin new recipes you want to try. A fashionista? Pin cute outfits you see and want to replicate. A world traveler? Pin places you want to visit. A photog? Pin different locales and poses you like.

As you can see it is pretty stellar! Since it is so new they are currently taking people through invites. Today is your lucky day though because I still have all five of my invites! You can also just request to join. Happy pinning:-)


  1. i would like an invite please ma'am!! kmobley9@gmail.com

  2. I'd love an invite! lee.hannahe@gmail.com

  3. I'd like one! I just checked out the website!! I tried to request, and it said I'm on the waiting list..