Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday-It's a Great Day to be Alive

WE ARE DONE WITH TESTING!!!! At least the first round anyway. Can you tell I'm excited?!? We still have remediation and retesting, but the craziness for the majority of people is done. Some other things that I am grateful for:

*weekend with family and friends ahead*
(we are fortunate enough to get to see a great friend of mine and celebrate her graduation as well as see David's brother, John, off to prom!
*nice weather*
(I was very happy to have the return of sunny days and warmer weather after a gloomy week)

*triple coupons at Harris Teeter*
(yes, I realize this makes me sound uber lame BUT it's a great way to save some moola!)

*daily coupon websites*
(once again, I realize this makes me lame. Places like Groupon, Living Social,, etc are awesome ways to try new things pretty cheap)
If you're interested in joining Groupon, shoot me an email and I'll give you a code so I can earn credit:-)

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