Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Fixins

This weekend was a weekend of big fixins around casa de Mobley. David's brother, John, earned his Eagle Scout rank (HOORAY!) which meant bacoodles of people coming in to celebrate. What that really meant was people were coming over. I absolutely adore all of David's family. When I say I won the in-law jackpot, I mean I won the jackpot. These people are truly fantastically wonderful and have welcomed me with open arms into their extended brood. Typically visiting with in-laws stresses people out, but I was actually pretty excited!

Friday night was the kick off event at John's high school. Everyone who was in town headed there to watch him perform with the band at the halftime show. Unfortunately a full week at school had knocked me out (and filled my legs with enough water that they began to resemble tree trunks. . .) and I wasn't able to go. David went and cheered him on enough for the both of us, and my momma came to keep me company.

Saturday was when the real fun started. Everyone was scheduled to arrive at our house about one o'clock to see the new house and watch football before heading to John's band competition that night. Welllll part of being back at school meant I had no time to myself last week, aka I needed to go to the grocery store. At 6:30 Saturday morning I dragged my booty out of bed and hit the Teeter for some snack foods. By the time I got home I had decided Davido had done enough sleeping and he should be up helping me prepare. Poor kid can't catch a break. He dutifully got out of bed and helped me clean top to bottom (you'd be amazed at how much clutter two people and a pup can accumulate) before they came.

It was a great afternoon for all as David gave tours and I entertained from my new pedestal. All the activity in the morning puffed me up like a balloon and my poor feet required massive raising all afternoon. After a few football games and lots of food they all bundled up for an evening in the cold watching the competition. I had every intention of going until a few family members vetoed it, so I stuck it out at home in my cozy clothes with the fire burning. I lead such a rough life, let me tell ya. . .

About 8:30 I started getting some tension in my chest. It was very odd, and something totally unfamiliar to me. Considering all this health hullaballoo I've been through, I've been able to avoid chest pains. I anxiously called the Momma (it's a toss up whether it's actually a good thing the Momma is a nurse-I call the poor woman about everything!) to see if I was dying or not. She called my doctor and told me to take a few things and wait it out. If it didn't go away in an hour to call 911. Awesome. I called my poor hubby to let him know I was falling apart, again. The sweet boy left the competition (at least my body was kind enough to wait until after John had performed!) and picked up some meds on his way home. Thankfully the evening ended uneventfully.

Sunday morning we arose bright and early to head to the Mobley's church downtown. This is actually the church we were married in so I always love going back! John was recognized at church and then the fam headed to the Mobleys for lunch and birthday celebration. Oh, did I mention we were also celebrating my wonderful mother-in-law's birthday AND David's amazing Aunt's birthday?!? I told you the weekend was big fixins!

After lunch we all tootled on over to the ceremony location and began the set-up. For those of you who have never attended an Eagle Scout Ceremony-go! It is so neat to see a young man recognized in such a way for all his hard work and accomplishments. It's also neat to see how the family component is tied into it. Both David and my brother, TJ, were Eagle Scouts, so it's always neat to see someone else achieve this rank! Not to mention I got to see my hubby in uniform. A Boy Scout uniform, but a uniform nonetheless. BAM CHICA WA WA! It was a wonderful ceremony followed by more food. Do you see a theme starting here?

We were pooped  by the end of the weekend. Refreshed from seeing family, but pooped. That evening we did nothing but loll about watching football. A great way to end the evening if you ask me! A few pictures from yesterday:

 Brothers preparing to say the oath

 The proud parents (can ya tell I was a smidgen close??)

Putting the Eagle pin on John.

The proud Papa and his two Eagle Scouts

The family on the alter afterwards

Forgot to mention the random deer we saw just chillin in some one's yard on the way there. It was real!!

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