Saturday, October 1, 2011

Falling for Fall

I postively love Fall! I think just about every one in North Carolina does by the time it comes around. There is just something about the smell of apple cider and pumpkins on porches that gives us such a wonderful feeling. Not to mention lazy weekends of watching football on the couch (just like I am now). What makes it all even better this fall is that we now have a house to decorate in celebration-whoot whoot!

A few weeks ago I posted a few pieces of inspiration I found on Pinterest.  Well I convinced the dear husband that these wouldn't be ridiculous wastes of time and headed to AC Moore for my first official project! I decided that the first thing I wanted to tackle was this precious "Fall" sign I saw. The crafter had taken different pieces of scrapbook paper and framed them. Then, she printed the letters of fall out in different fonts and pasted them to the scrapbook paper. Sounds easy enough. In fact, easy enough that even I could do it!

I picked out four different fall themed papers at AC Moore and went in search of frames. The frame selection wasn't stellar, but I wasn't really in the mood to shop around, so I bit the bullet and bought what they had. I looked at the selection of sticky scrapbook paper for the letters, but ended up just printing some off at home.

Step 1: Meticulously cut out letters-much harder than it sounds!
Step 2: Crop scrapbook paper down to frame sizes-also much harder than it sounds!
Step 3: Glue letters to paper.
Step 4: Arrange and enjoy!

Here are some pictures from my project alsong with the final product!

The mess I created as I went

"F" layed out

My favorite paper!


Finished product (and Daisy's booty)!

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