Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Sticks Together

We've been very fortunate for all the people who have stepped up while I've been sick. From family coming in to take care of me to friends picking up our slack at work. Long story short, we owe y'all. BIG! So to fill you in on our shenanigans. . .

Wednesday evening I started getting really sore again at the biopsy site. I remembered that the nurse who had helped perform it had mentioned soreness could mean internal bleeding. Awesome. Thursday morning I called the doc about not losing much water weight yet (I never said I was patient) and mentioned the soreness. She told me she was going to schedule an ultrasound at the hospital just to check it out and that she would call back with details. Two hours later Abby and I were still sitting there. Well, I was more laying there because that's about all I did at that point. About a noon we received a call from the nephrologist's office that they had been alerted by the hospital that I never showed up for the appointment. No kidding-no one ever called us back! Anywho, we hopped in the car and headed over there.

Word from the wise, always get an appointment if you can. We learned this as soon as we walked into the admitting area and joined the line of other people with random issues. Since life likes to throw things out of whack for me, my paperwork had been "lost" in between scheduling my appointment and me not showing up (once again, BECAUSE NO ONE CALLED! I'm not bitter. Noooooo) which forced us to wait a bit. After about thirty minutes of me leaning back in the chair feeling woozy and Abby racking up points on Fruit Ninja on my phone, we were herded back to fill out more paperwork.

Around this time I started feeling kind of woozy. Very nauseated to be specific. Since the meds bring this on, I didn't think much about it, and tried to patiently fill out the paperwork while the nincompoop behind the desk did it wrong time and time again. When she finally had things in order she sent us back to the waiting room to wait for the ultrasound. Since I was feeling weird and kind of had to pee (a big thing these days!), I had Abby do the old-lady shuffle down the hall with me to the restroom. At least that was the plan. Ten steps in I knew it wasn't going to happen. I turned around to shuffle back and told the admittance lady that I felt like I was going to black-out. She brought around a wheelchair, but it was too late.

The next thing I remember I was being wheeled down the hall on a stretcher to the ER. The black-outs had struck again, those nasty sons of guns! The nurses were shouting random questions about medications and why I was even in the hospital. I was conscious enough to hear them, but not to respond. Once I did feel well enough I began answering as best I could for the charge nurse, with Abby there to fill in missing details. A good friend of the Momma's actually works in the hospital and came to check on me too. Just seeing a normal face again really calmed me down!

My sweet hubby showed up about the time they were finishing my vitals. He filled them on what he could before I started getting sick again. Yep, you heard that right-getting sick again. All of the sudden a wave of nausea came over me and I was dry heaving in pretty pink hospital bucket. This put poor Abby over the edge and she had to leave the room. Once I settled down I sent David out to check on her. Some long-time readers may remember my post a while back on Abby's heart problems. Well, they decided to kick in after seeing my episode and Abby was admitted to the ER. For those of you keeping track, that is now TWO Ward girls in the hospital.

David quickly called my dad, who hit the road from work to get to us. Momma was already on her way after getting the original call. Too bad she was in Chattanooga with Mandy on their way back from a doctor's appointment in Cincinnati. After I settled down they wheeled me to the ultrasound where they found no internal bleeding (praise Jesus!) and they discharged me. While waiting for Abby to get an echocardiogram, where they found no significant issues, I had another dry heaves spell and almost blacked-out. Again. The doctors then determined that I am now susceptible to these little gems and they could start happening regularly. Fun stuff.

To wrap it up, went in for a regular check-up, left with a new diagnosis. Hooray! It's certainly never dull around here. All is well now, and I actually am home now after my first full day back at school. I'm absolutely exhausted, but glad to be back trying to get into the swing of things. Thank you again for your prayers and well-wishes! We will keep you posted on news as we can:-)

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