Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet Big Bertha

I love any and every holiday. Truly, give me a reason to celebrate and I'll turn it into a holiday. President's Day? Sure, they did some cool stuff! St. Patrick's Day? Of course I want a reason to wear green and eat/drink green things! Veteran's Day? You better believe I'll be repping the red, white, and blue and thanking the vets! I annoy the mess out of some of y'all, and the delight the rest. Pssst, if you're in the annoyed category check out now. We have officially entered one of the best times of the year. . .the holiday season!

The wonderful kicks off with Halloween, followed by Veteran's Day, Turkey Day, and Christmas. This year Pinterest has kept me very busy with possible additions to my festive mood. Mua ha ha ha! My poor husband won't know what hit him when Christmas break comes around and I have all the time in the world to craft! Before I jump the gun to the other holidays, let's enjoy the one we have with us-Halloween.

Some people don't like the hullaballoo of dressing up and all that it stands for; I get that. I just like having something to celebrate and be happy about! This year David indulged me and got a pumpkin three weeks before Halloween (I told you I got excited). I would have gotten it sooner, but that whole getting sick thing really put a bug in my system for bit. Even though he would rather poke his eyeballs out with red hot needles, he was also kind enough to help my carve it. Without further ado, meet Big Bertha.
The first cut is the deepest. . .
Yes, I realize how truly lame I am.

Attempting a cranial something or other

She resembled a beautiful pirate for a bit with her one eye

Daisy contributed to the family event from afar. Apparently she's not a big fan of giant pumpkins.

Brain surgery. 

Big Bertha, two weeks and two teeth later. 

How are you preparing for Halloween?

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