Friday, October 7, 2011

The Biopsy

Good Friday evening to all!  Lucky for you, Lauren has a guest writer today - the infamous David Mobley!!!  Since Lauren's on the DL (disabled list to all you non-sports fans), I'll be updating you today!

This morning we went back to the doctor's office in Cornelius to get some last-minute blood work done before we headed off to Presbyterian Hospital in downtown Charlotte.  My awesome mother met us to take the pup for the weekend and off we went!  We checked in at 11 AM, and went back to the radiology department around 11:30.

Unfortunately, our first nurse did not pass the "successfully put in an IV" exam in nursing school and failed twice with Lauren.  She called in the queen of nurses and she earned her paycheck for the day as she properly did her job.  They took some more blood and we waited for about 1.5 hours for her biopsy to begin.

Around 1:30 Lauren began her procedure.  I waited out in the hallway and the wonderful Miss Jenny joined me as we waited for the biopsy to finish.  We joined Lauren around 2:30 and she said she felt fine (all things considered), but that it felt like someone with a steel-toed boot kicked her in the back.  My question, of course, was, "When have you ever been kicked in the back by a steel-toed boot"?  But I digress...

Apparently they stuck a needle in her left kidney twice and took two "successful" pieces during the biopsy.  Lauren said it sounded like a staple gun, kinda like a "chah chung" noise, if you will, as the needle entered her back and took out a tiny little piece of her precious kidney.

We waited in the room for about 30 minutes until they so graciously moved us into the hallway for all the hospital to see until they took us to our room.

About 45 minutes later we entered our room, shortly followed by a visit from the doctor.  He informed us that her kidneys are healthy and functioning properly minus the leakage of protein.  Because they're leaking protein, her kidneys are in turn retaining sodium, which therefore makes her body retain the water.  While they won't get results back til Monday, he's hoping that she'll simply need some doses of steroids (I'm really excited about finally having a spotter while I'm lifting in my garage), and that this treatment works for 60% of patients.  If it doesn't work, they'll try another round of steroids, and if that fails again, then we move on to other alternatives.

But like I said, they won't have a synopsis until they get the results in early next week.

Otherwise, we've had awesome visits from Miss Jenny who brought us pizza and coffee, and my wonderful parents who have been watching the pup and brought us CHINESE!! :-)

We'll stay here over night (I brought a camping pad and sleeping bag because this 6'4" body cannot fit on this tiny little recliner), have more blood work / labs at 7AM (rise and shine!), and then hopefully be out by late morning.  Then we'll head back home and have a great excuse to lay around and watch football all day!

Lauren and I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, and we'll keep you posted as we find out more information!

P.S. - Tell Lauren how much you loved my celebrity post, and maybe she'll let me come entertain you in the future!

Until then, stay classy San Diego.


  1. I liked your post! Not to say that I don't enjoy reading Lauren's as well that is. Keeping you guys in my prayers, keep after those doctors until they figure out the problem :-)

  2. I suppose you're a suitable alternative blogger. ;) hope Lauren's among the 60% and her Treatment works the first time. We'll be praying for her!