Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Unconventional Welcome

I had some time the other day and I was on the hunt for a new craft. Give me a few hours at home and a short to-do list and I'm bound to find some new way to occupy my time. With school quickly approaching and major sales on school supplies, I knew what I was in the market for, so when this little gem popped up on my radar I knew I wanted to give it a try!

Step One: Procur 60 or so pencils and a cork piece.
I found the pencils for .74 a 10-pack and the cork piece was .30 at IKEA!

 Step Two: Select four pencils and glue in a cross formation from the center of the cork circle.
I was able to do this easily with a hot glue gun though I'm sure a craft glue would work.

Step Three: Continue gluing the pencils any way your heart desires.
I attempted a pattern at the beginning, but as I added more pencils the pattern got more out of whack.

 Step Four: Attach hanger.
I used some old burlap from another craft, but you can use whatever you have around the house that would be sturdy enough to hold it.

 Step Five: Add note and hang!
This will be welcoming my new little babies in a few weeks!

It was super easy and a great way to get me back in the mood for school:-)


  1. Love it! Got any ideas on how the students could borrow a pencil from it and then return it before they left the class? Velcro somehow?

  2. Cute idea! I don't think my teachers were ever that creative...


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  3. Absolutely LOVE your craft! I need to spruce up my Language Arts classroom... and this looks like the perfect craft for it! Thanks for sharing :)

    What grade do you teach? Awesome to see fellow ELA teachers around the blog world!!!

  4. I just got even MORE excited about you after reading your about me & saw that not only are you an ELA teacher, you also teach MIDDLE SCHOOL... I think I might have just jumped for joy (no joke!) I have been looking for fellow middle schooler's around here and most of the bloggers/blogs I find are Elementary teachers! Awesome to see a middle school teacher who teaches ELA too ;)

    Newest follower :)

  5. Ah! Precious! :) I bet Pinterest makes teaching much more fun, haha!