Monday, August 13, 2012

Monogram Mania

Like any other good Southern girl, I love anything and everything monogrammed. After all, I am the girl who had a "monograms and margaritas" wedding shower to celebrate my impending nuptials. What greater way to celebrate my new name than to plaster it over all sorts of new home goodies?! I've always said, "if it can fit a monogram, I will find a way to put one on there".  So when the fabulous ladies of Marley Lilly asked if I would review a few of their products, I jumped at the chance!

Never heard of Marley Lilly? Well, be prepared to fall in love! This brilliant company has taken some of our favorite things in life and made them that much better by providing them to us in fun colors with beautiful fonts. Their website is organized in such a way that you can find the perfect gift to shower a friend or family member in a matter of moments. The hardest part? Deciding what color to make the monogram. Are you interested in promoting your sorority, school, organization, or club? These stellar ladies also offer group packages to showcase your allegiances!

I was so excited to receive the following products and can't wait to use them out and about:

What better way to keep my favorite drink chilled?

I'll never have to worry about my sunglasses disappearing again!

Be sure to stop by their facebook and Twitter pages to let them know you love their products as much as I do. Also stop on by their blog, The Monogrammed Life, for fun ways mix and match their products!

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  1. Monograms are so fabulous! We have tons of "R's" in our apartment! :)