Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters [05.24]

Happy Friday, folks!!


Dear testing, Please go away. All my poor little babies (and my little babies I mean 8th graders bigger than me) are stressed to the max! You are giving them cold sweats, sobs, and stress no child should ever experience. Just vamoosh!

Dear readers, I am in dire need of book suggestions! It's looking like my summer will be full of reading by the pool and I would love to hear your suggestions!

Dear David, Thank you for being the Godly, patient, loving fellow that you are. I appreciate you and your support more than I could ever put into words.

Dear 3 day weekend, How you doin'?

Dear world, In case there is ever a salad dressing apocalypse, I think I've got us covered.

 Dear TJ, I really hope they release you from Marine camp (aka TBS) today! We all miss our Boo-man!


  1. Stopping by from Fridays Letters :)

    omg. salad dressing pic is hilarious!

    Book suggestions: have you ever read anything by Francine Rivers? She's pretty amazing! I would suggest the Mark of the Lion trilogy!

    Happy friday!

  2. The 22nd was our last day of testing. I don't actually test kids, but I deal with the aftermath. I am so glad its over!

  3. vanessa diffenbaugh's the language of flowers, john green's the fault in our stars, ellen shanman's right before your eyes, audrey niffenegger's the time traveler's wife, nora roberts' dream, born in and chesapeake bay trilogies, cecelia ahern's love rosie.

  4. Hey, if you are into mystery or anything new, try Janet Evanovichs' Stephanie Plum and Max Holt books. Or try Carl Hiaason....both authors are awesome and make really good pool/beach reads