Saturday, May 11, 2013

My First 10K

One of my favorite ways to stay in shape is running. This has not always been the case, though. In my youth I would have rather poked myself in the eye with a million red hot needles than run down the street. Today? I completed my first 10K! Hey, whiny little Lauren, you did it!

I'm pretty darn excited about it too considering what a rough week it was for my body. Last Saturday I woke up excited to get one last "long" run in before the race. The moment I stepped out of bed I realized that wasn't likely to happen. Thank you, tight hammies! Not exactly sure where they came from, but they came with vengeance. I stretched as much as I could and hoped for a better run the next day. The universe had other plans. Thank you, nausea and congestion! Hello yucky bug that sidelined me from running for a few days. Fast forward to Tuesday when I woke up with ridiculous cramps and a very unwelcome monthly visitor. At this point I was convinced the universe was conspiring to kill me. I completed a few shorter runs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and hoped for the best for the race.

I woke up this morning nervous as all get out! I ate a snack, drank some water, and made the last minute decision to add a few songs to my running playlist. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Thank you iTunes/iPhone for forcing me to reset to factory settings at 7:40 this morning! I about had a conniption fit. I paced around the house while it did its thing and I was FINALLY able to add a few songs.

I arrived early and waited nervously for the buzzer. The cool thing? It was in our neighborhood! A few shots David took while I ran by:

Daisy patiently waiting for me.

Doing well around Mile 2.

 Ready to cry at Mile 5. Please note the lack of smiles and thumbs up this time around.

According to timer as I ran by I finished in 49:53 with an 8:02 pace. Could I done better? Maybe. But considering I was congested and crampy, I'll take it!



  1. You go girl! How did you learn to like running? I just can't get to that point!