Thursday, May 9, 2013

When the Hubby is Away. . .

What's that phrase, "when the cat's away the mouse will play"? We spent six months of the first year of our marriage apart while David worked in Alabama, so this mouse had to learn to entertain herself. In fact, the reason you are reading this blog right this moment is because I needed something to fill my quiet evenings. I am incredibly thankful that he no longer travels so much for work, but I do have to admit, sometimes it's nice to have a night or two to myself. Come one, wives, admit it, y'all enjoy a night away every so often too! So, what does this introvert do on an evening to herself?

It's amazing how much more organized my school life can become when I have a few uninterrupted hours to do it in.

 My "drafts" list becomes almost as long as my "published" list on these nights!

not make supper
Now, don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but sometimes it's nice not to have to do a big meal and the clean up that follows. My favorite go-to meal without the hubby? Cereal. And it's stinkin' awesome. :-)

You better believe this pooped puppy makes her way to bed as soon as the sun sets. Don't hate.

 I love, love, LOVE reading but feel like I never have enough time to do it. On these quiet nights in I love snuggling up with the pup in our big bed with a great book.

wear cozy clothes
Who am I kidding, I do this when he's home too;-)

What do you do when the cat's away?

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  1. I am the SAME way! You can a lot more stuff done or just simple not do anything at all! :)