Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Yesterday evening David and I decided we need some fro-yo. Okay, okay, I decided we needed some fro-yo, so off we went. There are a handful of fro-yo places within spitting distance of our house, but we were in the mood for Sweet Frog. The closest one is located next door to our old apartment complex. I don't know if this is good or bad news, but that wasn't the case when we lived there. This is bad news because I would have loved living within walking distance of deliciousness, and great news because I probably would have been the size of a house.

Anywho, so off we went! It took me the customary 20 years to pick out my flavor and toppings, while David knew within a minute of walking in. After I finally created the perfect concoction we decided to wander over to our old stomping grounds and see what was going on. Since we've moved (it'll be two years in August) the complex has more than doubled. They've added between 10 and 15 new buildings, a new clubhouse, a new dog park, a new people park, a new salt water pool, and an awesome new outdoor seating/lounging area complete with grills, couches, and TV's! Needless to say we were too early to the party. 

Considering it was an apartment, it wasn't the worst place to live. They had a place for Daisy to run and play (now populated with new buildings), a gym, and a nice view. It was still apartment living though and hauling groceries up three flights is not fun on any level. What made it really special, though, was that it was our first place together.

Wandering down memory lane last night was really special. We were reminded of when we first got that ragamuffin pup we love so much. We were thrown back to our first days as newlyweds and the excitement of seeing each other after being apart for months (no thanks to you, Alabama!). I hope it's all there 20 years from now, so we can do the same thing all over again.

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